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An office does not only host your computer and equipment. It is the place your projects are born. 

Are you looking for a well-located office space, offering many amenities and features? That’s what you’ll find in the office spaces offered at Pava Corp. Our offices are in excellent locations with easy access. 


Do you need a conference room for your monthly team meetings? A photocopy room, high-speed Internet connections? Ask and you shall receive! We are always here to offer you everything you need for a smooth and effortless experience.

Office space available at: 

555 DR-Frederick-Philips, 

Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1S3

6505 route Transcanadienne

St-Laurent, QC., H4T 1S3


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6505, Route Transcanadienne, Saint-Laurent


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Pava Corp is a professional family-operated real estate company that focuses on management and commercial real estate construction as well as development of residential lands

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