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Today’s real estate market requires more than just good real estate consultants. It requires a business partner with the expertise and resources to help clients achieve their real estate investment goals.

Established in 1984 as a small investment firm, Pava Corp. had ambitions of establishing a quality presence in the center of Canada’s most unique and competitive real estate market. It has since grown into an energetic, family-owned company managing over 2 million square feet of real estate across the island of Montreal and surrounding area. Some of our tenants include federal and provincial government branches, well-known institutions and established companies.

Our company was founded on the belief that the best service comes from in-depth market knowledge and professional experience. As such, our real estate professionals work closely with clients to identify and respond to their current and future needs. We’ve been involved with many of the largest companies within the real estate industry over the last two decades. Our success and excellence is backed by timely independent advice, sound guidance, and a strong service delivery – exactly what our clients’ value.

This level of leadership, characterized by pro-activity, quality advice, and transparency provides an integrated service unmatched in the Montreal real estate market. Our relationships are based on trust and a clear understanding of our client’s business  

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